A scent for Dad

Father’s Day is upon us and giving your dad a biltong hamper, “best dad” mug or a pair of boring socks is so 2019. It’s time to spice things up! And we are not talking about “Old Spice” aftershave, but an actual scent that will turn heads and remind your momma why she chose your daddy.

There are many types of dads out there, and we have broken it down into different “Dad types” for you, with the perfect perfume suggestion for each type.  Which one explains your Dad the best?

  • The Joker:

You either know of a joker dad or you might have one.  They are the dads that crack jokes all the time – especially the cringe-worthy bad dad jokes. They try to be funny, but boy do they fail miserably, yet we cannot help but love them even more for it.

Perfume suggestions for this fun-loving Dad:

Pontiac – A scent similar to Spirit of the Brave by Diesel

RebelA scent similar to Wanted by Azzaro

DecadenceA scent similar to Black XS L’Exces by Paco Rabanne

  • The Fixer:

There is never a need to have a handyman on speed dial with this type of dad. They are great at fixing anything and everything from a flat tyre, to changing lightbulbs or assembling furniture.

Perfume suggestions for this Dad that always gets the job done:

NevadaA scent similar to Sauvage by Dior

90˚A scent similar to Aramis 900 by Aramis

ChorusA scent similar to Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

  • The Ice Man:

This dad is a tough one to crack. He is broody and silent, he doesn’t need to say much, his eyes convey his intended message. He might intimidate everyone, yet you know under that tough exterior is a man that loves his children fiercely.

Perfume suggestions for this tough as nails Dad:

Serra 88 A scent similar to 1881 Signature by Cerruti

Forza AzzuriA scent similar to Azzaro Intense by Azzaro

  • Get Up & Go Dad:

This dad is active, sporty, and always finds the time to do physical activities with the kids. He is also the dad that that will be yelling at the sidelines when you score a goal. He is your biggest fan.

Perfumes suggestions for this ball of energy Dad:

Legend A scent similar to Legend Intense by Mont Blanc

Hue A scent similar to Hugo Boss by Hugo Boss

Very DesirableA scent similar to Desire by Alfred Dunhill

  • The Dad with Swag:

He is hip, has a great sense of style and probably knows more about the latest fashion trends than most moms. He is a favourite amongst moms at the school, and it’s not for his great sandwich-making skills.

Perfume suggestions for this cooler that cool Dad:

Cuban NightsA scent similar to Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

MercuryA scent similar to Terre d’ Hermes by Hermes

Maverick A scent similar to Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera

  • The Masterchef:

This dad is not only mastering the art of parenting but is hot in the kitchen and is always in front of a braai. His cooking skills will put mom’s to shame and you can be sure that no kid will leave his home unfed.

Perfumes suggestions for the foodie Dad:

JP ManA scent similar to Le Male by Jean Paul Gautier

DecadenceA scent similar to Black XS L’Exces by Paco Rabanne

StrongerA scent similar to Stronger With You by Emporio Armani

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