A Scent Guide For Every Type Of Mom

1.     Soccer Mom:

A soccer mom is seen as a woman who is always prepared, punctual, and proactive. She encourages her children to be open-minded and grab new opportunities with both hands. She is their biggest supporter, standing proud at the sidelines.

Favourite Movie Moms: Gog’Flo Diale (Ivy Nkutha) from Generations: The Legacy; Katie Otto (Katy Mixon) from American Housewife.

They will Like: Gypsy, Apple and D Blu.

2.     Eccentric & Arty Mom:

An arty mom is the creative & playful soul of the family with a flair for the dramatic. She encourages her children’s imagination to roam free with her love for art, books, and music. She lights up a room with her carefree personality.

Favourite Movie Moms: Lucy Diale (Manaka Ranaka) from Generations: The Legacy; May Miller (Nia Long) from Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club; Donna (Meryl Streep) from Mamma Mia.

They will Like: Cause, Black Petal and Bouquet Blush.

3.     Fit & Active Mom:

An active mom is always energetic with a healthy outlook on life. She enjoys spending quality time, outdoors, with her family. She loves the fresh air and beautiful surroundings.

Favourite Movie Mom: Gabisile (Baby Cele) from Uzalo; Deborah Clasky (Téa Leoni) from Spanglish.

They will Like: Aphrodite, Bella, and Midnight.

4.     Young-at-Heart Mom:

Age is just a number, this mom is not necessarily a young mom, but was and still is a hip mom.  She is spunky, keeps up with the latest trends and lives life to the fullest.

Favourite Movie Moms: MaNgcobo (Dawn Thandeka King) from Uzalo, Roxanne Feder (Salma Hayek) from Grown Ups.

They will Like: Lady Luck, Stiletto, and Scandalous.

5.     Classic, Conservative Mom:

This mom is more traditional and leads a well-organized life with tidy surroundings. She has high ideals, a strong sense of right and wrong, and gives her children security through well-kept boundaries.

Favourite Movie Moms: Hangwani Mukwevho (Constance Sibiya) from Muvhango; MaZulu (Leleti Khumalo) from Imbewu; Charmaine Meintjies (Vinette Ebrahim) from 7de Laan; Madea (Tyler Perry) from Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

They will like: Adore, Classique 5, and D’Or.

6.     Go-Getter Mom:

Career moms work outside of the home and manage both (home & office) beautifully.  This mom is hardworking, a go-getter and very ambitious.  She exposes her kids to great ideas and enjoys seeing them learning and achieving.

Favourite Movie Moms: Mrs. Celia Kunutu (Shoki Sebotsane) from Skeem Saam; Rainbow Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross) from Blackish.

They will Like: 4 Her, Addiction, and Yes-Passion.

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