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A Guide to Gifting Perfume For Her

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, “the perfect gift” is probably on your mind. Gifting perfume is not only thoughtful; it’s classy, luxurious, intimate and meaningful. It means taking the time out to think about who she is, what she represents, and then finding the perfect scent to represent her essence as a woman – if that’s not romantic then not much is!

We’ve compiled a quick reference guide to gifting perfume this Valentine’s day to help you find the perfect scent. Moreover, to help you earn those brownie points.


She’s under 21 – fast, fresh and fashionable.

Fruity and Fresh – try Aphrodite

A bright and fresh perfume with notes of lemon blossom, pomegranate, and jasmine. Consequently, perfect for a warm summer’s day.

Floral – try Dollar Girl

The notes of African orange blossom, neroli, jasmine and gardena create a sensual floral bliss that is beautifully balanced with honey, raspberry and patchouli. She can wear Dollar Girl day and night, all year round.

Sweet and Classic – try Speer

If you’re gifting perfume, you can never go wrong with a classic. Speer is a youthful classic with notes of white chocolate, cupcake, kiwi and litchi, artfully balanced with woody notes and orris root.


She’s in her 20’s or 30’s – classy, charming and captivating.

Gourmand (Sweet) – try Scandal

Perfect for the unapologetic women on cool days and sensual nights. The notes of honey, beeswax, caramel, blood orange and liquorice are captivating to those around her.

Fruity and Fresh – try D Blu

A fruity, fresh fragrance for the playful woman. The notes of lemon, apple, jasmine and Bellflower are great for showcasing her radiance. Particularly in the warmth of Summer and Spring.

Aromatic and Sexy – try Midnight

Midnight has sweet notes of vanilla, tonka, and pear contrasted with sour notes of red currant and bergamot, anchored by ambery benzoin, patchouli and ambroxan. In other words, if she’s a woman who has no explaining to do, and you’re planning on gifting her perfume – go Midnight.


She’s in her 40’ and 50’s – sophisticated, sure and sanguine.

Gourmand – try Angelina

Angel was ground-breaking and way ahead of its time. Most importantly, so is she! She’s delicious 24/7 in notes of chocolate, caramel, candy floss, honey, vanilla and tonka. It’s the quintessential and original gourmand scent.

Aromatic and Sexy – try Yes Passion

You’re not just gifting perfume; you’re gifting passion! Passion is a work of art combining the sticky fruitiness of apple, pear, pineapple, and black currant. In addition, the dry notes of cedar, patchouli, pink pepper, the feminine touch of jasmine, rose, heliotrope and vanilla create a passion your olfactory senses will thank you for.

Floral Classic – try Amora

You cannot ignore the smell of Amora with its notes of tuberose, mimosa and gardena. Any season, any time of day, any occasion. She’s wearing Amora.  Subsequently, she’s commanding the room.

She’s over 60 – regal, respected and remarkable.

Fruity and Fresh – try Adore

J’Adore eau Lumiere has notes of vanilla, almond, coconut and sandalwood and can be worn all year around, although it really shines on those cold winter evenings.

Floral – try Diamante

Diamonds are forever, White Diamond by Elizabeth Taylor is the next best thing. Its outstanding longevity is credited to it’s notes of aldehydes, patchouli and orris root paired with notes of tuberose, lily, jasmine, narcissus and neroli. Diamante is the ideal gifting perfume for the woman who epitomises ‘elegance’ all year round.

Classic – try Madam

This is our all time best seller – the notes of patchouli, citrus and rose culminate into the height of classic sophistication. Moreover, notes of orange dominating the top are kept beautiful by notes of patchouli. Madam is perfect all year round (just like she is) but best worn at night and in mild weather.

Gifting Perfume For Him

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