Oud Mysteria Bundle

R 635.00
R 635.00

Accords & Notes: Woody Spicy Fragrance with Oud, Animalic, Tobacco, Aromatic Grapefruit, Lavender, Artemisia, Ambergris, Leather & Dark Woodsy notes.

Description: Step into the captivating embrace of Oud Mysteria, a fragrance crafted for the astute connoisseur. As the scent unfolds, you're greeted by the invigorating smell of grapefruit and lavender, setting the stage for an enigmatic journey. Dark, seductive spices intertwine with the richness of tobacco and leather, drawing you deeper into its spellbinding allure. Finally, the base notes of oud, dark woods, and ambergris cast a spell of opulence and mystery, leaving an unforgettable trail wherever you roam.

*One Bundle will contain 1 x 100ml of Oud Mysteria, 1 x Dubai Collection Discovery kit & Dubai Collection Gift Tube. Please note: the gift tube is not personalised.

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Oud Mysteria Bundle
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