Santal Blush by Tom Ford


Alessio has written his latest blog on Santal Blush by Tom Ford and he has also explored his relationship with Sandalwood as an ingredient. I am personally LOVING Sandalwood as an ingredient in female scents. It adds depth, warmth and a slight touch of masculinity and power to otherwise feminine fragrances.

My current favourites are :
1. SANTAL BLUSH, this is pure luxury and elegance but it comes at a hefty price. Read Alessio’s blog (link below) for a full breakdown on this luxurious fragrance

2. Zadig and Voltaire This is Her – This is a fun, everyday Sandalwood based female fragrance. In the top is a sweet spice provided by the pink pepper and subtle white flowers (I LOVE white flowers) – then there’s beautiful, warm vanilla and chestnut in the heart and a not-too-serious Sandalwood in the base that envelops all the notes from the first spray. Love, love, love it! This as the perfect cold weather day scent for me.

3. Valentino Absolute Noir – This is a new release and I am in LOVE! It’s got the sweetness of a pure gourmand, (this element of the perfume reminds if Si by Armani), but.. there’s a beautiful, dark, powerful, earthy twist in the base that the Sandalwood provides. They’ve also added some pepper to the top notes to take the edge off the sweetness. I am not a Gourmand fan but I am absolutely a Woody-Gourmand Fan

P.S. If you’re wanting to brush up on your Perfumery lingo… Santal is the french word for Sandalwood 

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