A Scent Guide For Every Type Of Secretary

She is persistent, efficient, resourceful, organised, loyal, assertive, thoughtful and approachable. A truly great secretary is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget. They play a crucial role to ensure the company runs smoothly. Show your appreciation this Secretary’s Day with a beautiful perfume!

We’ve made it really easy for you to choose a perfume with our Scent Guide. 

The ‘Newbie’ Secretary

The ‘Newbie’ Secretary or newcomer to the company is fresh out of school or college, starting her first job. She is eager to learn new skills and absorb interesting ideas. Her scent should suit her very optimistic nature; staying enthusiastic even when she is faced with new and sometimes difficult obstacles. The newbie secretary brings something new to the table with her fresh ideas and uplifting personality.

Fragrances that suit the ‘Newbie’ Secretary best are Lady Luck & Scandalous

The ‘Irreplaceable’ Secretary

The Irreplaceable Secretary has been there from the very start, when the company was still a fledgling. She knows all the ins and outs of the company, each room in the building, each department, and each employee who walks through her doors. She is very wise in her ways, knowing exactly what works, from her years of experience with the company.

Fragrances that suit the ‘Irreplaceable’ Secretary best are Aroma & Knew

The ‘What Now’ Secretary

There is plenty of material for gossip in an office, and if you want the low-down on what happened – your ‘What Now’ Secretary will be happy to spill the beans.  She knows everyone’s business whether it be office-related or personal.  She is also a lot of fun to be around and can make everyone laugh and feel comfortable.  Her job might be stressful at times, but she handles it like a pro without any complaints.

Fragrances that suit the ‘What Now’ Secretary best are Kimono & Yes Passion

The ‘Go-Go’ Secretary

The ‘Go-Go’ Secretary likes staying active and on-the-go. She comes to work fully energised and ready for the workday ahead. Her lively personality improves morale, especially during stressful times in the office. She is always two steps ahead with exceptional time management and work ethic.

Fragrances that suit the ‘Go-Go’ Secretary best are Electra & UFO

The ‘Mother Hen’ Secretary

The ‘Mother Hen’ Secretary has been with the company for quite some time and knows all the employees by name.  She often takes on the motherly role and is the bond that ties the business together.  She listens to other peoples’ problems without judgement and gives invaluable advice.  If you need assistance, she is your go-to person.  Her knowledge is vast, and her experience is vital for the company.

Fragrances that suit the ‘Mother Hen’ Secretary best are French Riviera & Juniper.

‘Outspoken’ Secretary

The ‘Outspoken’ Secretary is an asset to the boss and the company.  She always gets the job done and faces difficult situations head on.  She likes to speak her mind and does not care for office politics.  Her friends at work are minimal- but she prefers it that way.  She is tough and has a strong work ethic, expecting everything to be done correctly and in a timely manner.

Fragrances that suit the ‘Outspoken’ Secretary best are JC Exotica & Seduction

The ‘Half-Day’ Secretary

The ‘Half-day Secretary is a young mother who is looking for a new challenge and wants to improve herself. She seeks to find a good balance between work and family life. She is as dedicated and determined to her work as she is to attend all her children’s dance recitals and soccer matches.

Fragrances that suit the ‘Half-Day’ Secretary best are Cleopatra & Yes

No matter what type of Secretary you have, it is clear that they are integral to the success of any business and deserve to be spoilt. Show your appreciation by buying her the perfect perfume this Secretary’s Day.

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