Summer Scent

Summer Scents

The recent heat wave revealed that there are two types of people. Those who have chosen
wisely when shopping for their summer scent and those whose scent went sour.
Choosing a scent can be overwhelming at the best of times. That’s why we have compiled
suggestions for choosing your summer scent.

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summer heat.

Smell like summer.

Summer scents are fresh and embrace nature. Think of flowers and fruits growing in the
woods. But, there is a flip-side to these fruit scents. Think of those fruits lying in the
scorching sun for hours on end. Not the greatest smell you could concoct. For that very
reason, take care when wearing summer scents.
Heat can affect the way summer scents evaporate on your skin. Actually, heat can alter the
scent entirely. So a top tip for summer is to NOT apply perfume to pulse points – which are
the hottest points on the body. Rather try spraying perfume on a non-pulse point like the
center of the forearm, or even a spray or two on your hair.

What Scents Can I Try This Summer?

We’ve decided to identify top summer scent ingredients to help you narrow your choice
down in the hot summer months.

Apple scents are fresh, full and fun. Try out one of these two great, classic ladies summer
scents that have crisp green apple notes in them:
D Blu (inspired by Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana) or
Apple (Inspired by DKNY’s Be Delicious).

Fruity sweetness
JC Exotica (Jimmy Choo Exotic) is fruity and sweet. The grapefruit note on the top
mixed with the raspberry and light patchouli notes cut the sweetness and make it a perfect
summer scent.

The classic – Chanel No 5 – received a face-lift (and got about 30 years younger) in 2016
when Chanel launched Chanel No 5 L’eau.‘L”eau’ translates to ‘water’ (don’t think “watered
down” think “refreshing water”).
This new take on the old classic is perfect for those in their fabulous 30’s or 40’s. The
aldehydes are toned down with significant notes of citrus at the top, making it wonderfully
appropriate for the heat of summer.

Ozionic and aqua notes
The clever people of the perfume industry have captured the smell of water. There are
many different types of water “smells”, two of them are; fresh- waterfall- smelling water
(ozionic) and salty- sea- water (marine). Both of them are fantastically refreshing in
Some excellent classic water scents are:
Acqua Homme (inspired by Davidoff’ s Cool Water) and
Aquamarine (Inspired by Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Giò )
Mia and Mio (Inspired by L’eau D’Issey) – both the male and female versions)

Just great summer scents

L’eau Mio Sport (inspired by D’Issey Pour Homme Sport) and Urban Slick (inspired by
Hugo Boss’s Urban Journey) are excellent modern takes on the classic aqua fragrances. They
have woody bases that add a beautiful depth to the fragrances.

Explore the Summer Scents

This summer is a great opportunity to try out some classics, new takes on old classics and try
out new fragrances all together.

Head to our online store to explore the summer scents.

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