Winter Warmers: The scents of this season

Winter is here. And that means that so are winter warmers!
As you know, a winter scent is subtle, warming and usually has a touch of spice. Here are
our recommendations for this Winter;



Smells similar to Olympea by Paco Robanne.

Just like its namesake, Cleopatra evokes strength, dynamism and energy. Base notes of
sandalwood and top notes of fiery ginger lily are brought together by middle notes of salt
and vanilla. The exotic mix keeps things rather hot!


Smells similar to Nomade by Chloé.

As a floral chypre composition, Gypsy is a little more “mossy” than floral. Gypsy has
top notes of Mirabelle plum, middle notes of freesia and base notes of oak moss
making it the perfect winter warmer. This scent is free and warm, like a gypsy
dancing by the fire in an enchanted forest.


Smells similar to La Nuit Tresor a la Folie by Lancome.

Midnight’s main accords are vanilla and balsamic with notes of pink pepper, Damask rose
and bourbon. The scent is inspired by love, in the form of letting go and surrendering. There
is nothing warmer than the sensation of falling in love!

Yes passion

Smells similar to Si Passione by Giorgio Armani.

Pink pepper top notes bring a winter warmer heat to this fragrance that you would be
hard pressed to find anywhere else. The seductive middle notes of Yes passion are
rose, jasmine and heliotrope. Finished off with the subtly sexy base notes of cedar
and vanilla.



Smells similar to Obsessed Intense by Calvin Klein

Fanatic is for the man who is on a mission. Whatever the mission may be, the man is
sure, confident and a little defiant. Top notes of grapefruit, a heart of cedar leaf and a
base note of black vanilla meet to create an authoritative scent for an authoritative

Red Hot

Smells similar to Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

Red Hot lives up to it name! While the top notes are fresh and green, the heart is
winter warmer. Cedar needles, red pimento and African pelagonium add a spicy hot
nuance to the composition. Cedar, sandalwood, white musk and grey amber
complete the scent with a well-rounded finish.


Smells similar to Terre d’Hermes by Hermes

Mercury is in fact earthy. It takes you on a journey from top notes of orange, to a
heart of pepper and a base of patchouli. With citrus and wood being the main
accords, it’s not hard to imagine the shrubbery and undergrowth in the warmth of the
sun’s rays on your camping trip.

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