The Perfect Gift this Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is the perfect opportunity to bring loved ones together and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

This is a time for sharing and finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be quite tricky due to our individual tastes and preferences. However, choosing a fragrance as your gift option is easier than you think. Yes, scent preferences are very personal, but when presenting your loved one with the perfect fragrance, it not only shows how well you know them, but can also create new memories that will be evoked every time they spritz the perfume.

How to choose the perfect fragrance:

Choosing the perfect fragrance for someone should not be daunting. By simply paying close attention to the type of perfume they wear; and the notes in that particular scent; or even their everyday likes and dislikes, can help you to choose the right fragrance.

If you already know what type of perfume they wear, your job is almost done. Try and familiarize yourself with the main notes in their favourite perfume by asking one of our highly trained salespeople in our stores or search the notes of the perfume that they currently wear on our website. Their everyday preferences and tastes can also be an indication of what type of perfume to buy. You can get an idea from: the type of deodorant they wear on a daily basis; the room spray they use; or even the type of foods they enjoy. Take vanilla for instance, if the person likes vanilla, you will often find it is one of the main notes in the perfume they wear, or the room scent they use.

Once you have your main perfume notes, search for and test other perfumes with similar types of notes. Again, one of our highly trained sales assistants can help you by suggesting similar perfumes, or you can simply type the notes into the search bar on our website and we will present all the perfumes we have available with your required notes. It is plain sailing from there.

Our perfume suggestions:

To ensure we do not leave anyone out this Christmas, Eden Perfumes has come up with a selection of “12 Gift Ideas for Christmas.” Whether you are looking for something daring and bold, a Summer fragrance, or even a scent to enrich your home with our new Neapolis range, our 12 Gift Ideas will help you come up with the perfect present for Christmas.

We also have fantastic Christmas Special running, spend R400 or more & get a 50ml of your choice for only R60. SAVE R80.

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