The Gift of Scent this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is a day filled with love, romance, affection, and admiration. So, if you are reading this and looking to make someone feel extra special this year on Valentine’s Day, we have the blueprint that is bound to get your partner bragging about you to all their friends. Your olfactory sense (your sense of smell) has an extremely strong connection to your memory. Use this to your advantage and create a romantic Valentine’s Day Date by taking a trip down memory lane.
  • Make a list of your memories

Make a list of the most significant and special memories you have shared together. There are the obvious ones, like your first date and your first kiss. Try to get creative and remember less obvious ones – it will be more romantic.
  • Find a scent

Once you have your list, it is time to assign each memory a scent. If your first date was at the movie theatre, you could assign that memory the smell of fresh popcorn. Did your partner taste like bubble-gum the first time you kissed? Assign the scent of gum to your first-kiss-memory. Get as creative as possible!
  • Capture the scent for your Valentine’s Day date

Now capture the scents! Collect a sample of each scent in a box or container. It is best if the container is airtight to hold the scent. If you assigned your first date with popcorn, put popcorn in a container. If it was bubble gum, put bubble-gum in a container. Eventually, you will have multiple containers with a random collection of items and scents inside them, ready for your Valentine’s Day date.
  • An added Scent

Apart from all the captured scents, adding a new scent or two to your box of memories will elevate your gift and add an extra memory to your already beautiful collection. You do this by buying your partner a new perfume or home scent.

  • Our recommendations for a new scent
Eden Perfumes has made it easy for you to add your new scent with our range of Valentine’s Day combo deals:
  • Buy any 2 X 100ml perfumes for only R310. SAVE R100; or
  • Buy any 100ml perfume and get a lotion for only R30; or
  • Buy a diffuser or candle and a 100ml perfume for only R345. Save R100.
The Valentine’s Day date game plan
For your Valentine’s Day date, set up a comfortable, private space and share the boxed scents with your partner, one at a time. With each box, take the time to explain the scent and memory. Open the box and breath in the scents taking you and your partner back to these special occasions in your relationship. Reminisce about that day together – how you each felt and what each of you were thinking. Don’t rush this process. A trip down memory lane is a stroll, not a sprint. Finally, give your partner their newly purchased scents and tell them that these scents do not have a memory yet, but it’s what your future smells like.
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