Our perfumes are matched to the originals by expert perfumers in Grasse, France. Our perfumes are not affiliated to the original names and brands. Our perfume list refers to the original names so that our customers have a reference point from where they can start their scent journey with us.
Eden Perfumes has 25 retail outlets in Gauteng, North West & Mpumalanga, so we are here to stay. Our online store is a way for us to give the whole of South Africa easy access to our perfumes. We opened our first stores in 2014. However the owners came with lots of experience (21 years combined) , having been in the retail perfume business from 2006.

Our perfumes are not the original branded perfumes. They are matched to the original fragrance by a process of reverse engineering. This is done by expert perfumers in Grasse France. So they smell the same as the original branded perfumes but at a fraction of the cost.

With our perfumes we focus on what is IN THE BOTTLE and not what is outside the bottle. Our bottles are simple and elegant with clean lines, and we also don’t have to pay for international launches that cost hundreds of millions of Rands, so our marketing and packaging costs are kept to an absolute minimum. As a result of this, when you buy an Eden Perfumes product you are paying for what is important – THE ACTUAL PERFUME – and not any of the other ‘stuff’.

Ladies - Eau de Parfum (15% - 20%)
Men's - Eau de Toilette (10% - 15%)
Unisex - Eau de Parfum (15% - 20%)
In very strong perfumes you will often find little particles floating around. This often happens in cold weather and it is when the oil in the perfume solidifies. So all you need to do is give the bottle a good shake and the oil will be reabsorbed into the perfume mix. Note: We filter all our perfumes before we decant them so the chance of dirt or dust being in the perfume is highly unlikely.
Most of our perfume oils contain natural ingredients and because of this they are not uniform. Some roses are redder or pinker than others. This causes colour variations in some perfumes, but the smell will always be the same. The factory in France and the factory in South Africa both adhere to very strict quality control policies and procedures.
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