Sherbet Grapefruit - Diffuser
Notes: Grapefruit, Pineapple, Candy, and Sherbet. Description: “Sweet, sparkling citrus tickles your nose as you take a deep sniff of your favourite childhood sherbet.” What's in the box: 220gml Diffuser & Reeds.
R 360.00
Oud Lounge - Diffuser
Notes: Tobacco, Oud, Amber and Leather. Description: “Your quiet time, reclined in a luxurious leather armchair, sipping on smooth Napoleon Brandy.” What's in the box: 220ml Diffuser & Reeds.
R 360.00
Mediterranean Mimosa - Diffuser
Notes: Mimosa, Magnolia and Quince. Description: “Hide from the hot bronze sun under the cool shade of the Mimosa’s flourishing yellow canopy.” What's in the box: 220ml Diffuser & Reeds.
R 360.00
Lake of Flowers - Diffuser
Notes: Iris, Violet and Vanilla. Description: “Step out of the opulent foyer of the Grand Hotel and into it’s blissful,  manicured spring garden on the banks of Lake Como.” What's in the box: 220ml Diffuser & Reeds.
R 360.00
Secret Garden - Diffuser
Notes: White Flowers, Jasmine, Frangipani Description: “Walking barefoot through fields of jasmine on a crisp summer morning, the air is intoxicating” What's in the box: 220g Diffuser & Reeds.
R 360.00
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