Oud BonBon Launch Bundle
Accords & Notes: Amber Woody Fragrance with Praline, Oud, Rose, Vanilla, Amber, Guaiac Wood, Copahu Balm & Powdery notes. Description: Enter a world of indulgence and sophistication with Oud BonBon, where every note tells a tale of elegance and allure. The sweet...
R 635.00 R 399.00
Lux Oud Launch Bundle
Accords & Notes: Amber Woody Fragrance with Bulgarian & Turkish Rose, Oud, Vanilla, Violet, Amber & Powdery notes. Description: Embark on a sensory voyage through velvety layers of luxury with Lux Oud. Like the caress of satin against the skin, this fragrance...
R 635.00 R 399.00
Oud Mysteria Launch Bundle
Accords & Notes: Woody Spicy Fragrance with Oud, Animalic, Tobacco, Aromatic Grapefruit, Lavender, Artemisia, Ambergris, Leather & Dark Woodsy notes. Description: Step into the captivating embrace of Oud Mysteria, a fragrance crafted for the astute connoisseur. As the scent unfolds,...
R 635.00 R 399.00
Onyx Oud Launch Bundle
Accords & Notes: Woody Floral Musky Fragrance with Rose, Oud, Warm Spicy, Amber, Mandarin Orange, Patchouli, French labdanum & Woodsy notes. Description: Unleash your inner charm with Onyx Oud, a fragrance that exudes power and intrigue with every spritz. As the scent...
R 635.00 R 399.00
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