Luxury Home Fragrances
Bring Luxury Into Your Home with our Range of Luxurious Home Fragrances. Kits contain: 6 x 3ml perfume ‘mini’s’ HOME FRAGRANCE RANGE: Creme Vanille - Notes of Condensed Milk, Gourmand and Vanilla Bean. Grapefruit Sunrise - Notes of Grapefruit, Sweet Citrus and Syrup. Imperial...
R 130.00
Imperial Blossom - Room Spray
Notes: Galbanum, Peach Blossoms, White Flowers, and Vanilla. Description: Fresh green stems and white flowers.
R 120.00
Amaretti - Room Spray
Notes: Orange, Cherry, and Sweet Almond.Description: Orange Chocolate and intense Sweet Almond.
R 120.00
Grapefruit Sunrise - Room Spray
Notes: Grapefruit, Sweet Citrus, and Syrup.Description: Sparkling citrus with a sweet base. Fresh and Energizing.
R 120.00
Soft Suede - Room Spray
Notes: Cardamom, Violet Leaves, Iris Butter, Woods, and Leather. Description: Delicate Suede. Soft, Strong and Luxurious.
R 120.00
Oud Heaven - Room Spray
Notes: Saffron, Oud, and Cypress. Description: Dry woods with Golden flowers.
R 120.00
Crème Vanille - Room Spray
Notes: Condensed Milk, Vanilla Bean, and Gourmand.Description: Sweet Fudge with Vanilla Biscuit Crumbs.
R 120.00
Mocha - Room Spray
Notes: Chocolate Nibs, Vanilla Beans, and Steamed Milk. Description: Chocolate and Vanilla Cappuccino.
R 120.00
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