A Scent for Mom this Mother’s Day

A mother is the cornerstone of every home.  She is fervent encourager, appreciator, and protector.  A mother is a friend, confidant and her love is unlike any other. She is the one that can take the place of all others, but whose place no other can take.

Perfumes are an emotional gift, it serves as a personal scent memory and choosing the perfect fragrance for your mom this Mother’s Day will take a bit of thought. We all have an idea of what our mom smells like, whether it is an actual perfume, or a more vague scent description like “sweet” or “powdery”. 

To help you find that perfect scent for your mom, Eden Perfumes have listed a few different scent categories to steer you in the right direction, whether you are looking for something very specific or completely different.


  • Woody

Woodsy scents are rich, warm and long lasting. Ladies’ woody scents are often balanced with a sweet vanilla to make them more feminine, and will suit a mom who holds the family together, her branches extend far and wide and she anchors and supports all the people she loves.


Viva - A scent similar to Boss Alive for women by Hugo Boss

Electra - A scent similar to Capsule Collection This is Her by Zadig & Voltaire

  • Citrus

Citrus scents are clean and crisp.  These fresh notes are refreshing and more desired during spring and summer months. Notes such as bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, and lemongrass are categorized as citrusy scents.


Aphrodite - A scent similar to Eros Pour Femme by Versace

Glamour - A scent similar to J'adore Eau Lumière by Dior

  • Gourmand / Sweet

If a scent smells edible and like the inside of a kitchen where a scrumptious cake is being baked, you have yourself a classic Gourmand scent. It is sweet and delicious! Gourmand scents typically feature notes of vanilla, chocolate, sugar, and caramel.


Stiletto - A scent similar to Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

Dollar Girl - A scent similar to Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

  • Floral

There is something so unapologetically romantic about floral scents. They are feminine, soft, and subtly sweet. Floral scents can highlight a single note like rose or jasmine (jargon alert – this is called a Soliflore perfume) , or it can incorporate a variety of different flowers or completely different notes  such as fruits, woods, and Orientals.


Bare All - A scent similar to La Nuit Trésor Nude by Lancôme

Bella - A scent similar to La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme

  • Fruity

Fruity scents are fun and exciting! It reminds you of hot summers at the beach and an icy Pina Colada. It is sweet but not exactly saccharine.  Modern day fruity aromas are presented in a more sophisticated and concentrated way, making it popular for all ages.


Apple - A scent similar to Be Delicious by DKNY

Thrill - A scent similar to Viva La Juicy Soirée by Juicy Couture

  •  Spicy

As we step into the colder season, the need for warmer scents intensifies.  Spicy fragrances are sultry, exotic, and mysterious. When you think of spicy scents, think of spices that you would find in your kitchen.  Spicy notes can be harsh and are often pared with sweeter and warm base notes to soften the fragrance.


Lady Innocence - A scent similar to Gucci Guilty for Woman by Gucci

Spicebar - A scent similar to Cinnabar by Estee Lauder

  •  Fresh/Aquatic

Aquatic scents have been prominent in the perfume market for the past few years, especially in modern men’s fragrances, but there are some great feminine options too. Aquatic fragrances sate our thirst for marine, fresh sea air scents, and are often combined with citrusy, woody, and fruity notes to create a magnificent fragrance.


D Blu - A scent similar to Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Acqua Femme - A scent similar to Cool Water by Davidoff

  • Powdery

Powdery scents are reminiscent of lipstick, talcum powder and vintage cosmetics. They are feminine, sophisticated and timeless. A variety of natural and synthetic notes such as iris, musk, violet and vanilla combined give a powdery scent to the perfume composition.


Halo - A scent similar to La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant by Lancôme

4 Her - A scent similar to For Her by Narciso Rodriguez

  • Incense/ Mystic/ Resinous

The scent of incense or resin in perfumes continues to captivate perfume lovers. An incense scent can be created from a wide range of resins, gums, frankincense, and balsams, evoking an exotic Egyptian characteristic. Incense and resins add richness and intensity to a perfume.


Opulence - A scent similar to Decadence for women by Marc Jacobs

Midnight - A scent similar to La Nuit Trésor à la Folie by Lancôme.

  • Aromatic / Herbaceous

Aromatic scents are more common amongst men’s fragrance, but there is a new trend of adding this earthy herbaceous note to women’s perfumes and they are all the better for it. Taking a whiff of an aromatic fragrance is like standing in an herb garden. Aromatic fragrances will include notes of fresh herbs such as thyme, sage or rosemary and is usually accompanied with spicy and citrusy notes to complete the herbaceous composition.


Zodiac - A scent similar to Libre Intense for Women by Yves Saint Laurent.

Pan Ash - A scent similar to Panache by Lentheric

Mother’s Day Special:

ONLINE ONLY - Purchase any 100ml ladies’ perfume for R205 and receive free shipping. Only available online.

IN-STORE ONLY – all ladies 100mls are R190

Special available from 26 April until 10 May’21.

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