• A Day without Perfume?

    A Day without Perfume?
    Since COVID-19 came and turned all our lives upside down. Times have changed, and our “new normal” includes wearing masks in public, working from home, and limiting your outings as much as possible. One seems to wonder whether it’s necessary to still wear perfume on a daily basis? Perfume is personal to most and an intimate way of sharing a little bit more of...
  • 7 Tips for Applying Perfume like a Pro

    7 Tips for Applying Perfume like a Pro
    Just as there is an art to choosing the perfect perfume, there is an art to applying perfume. Wearing your perfume like a goddess begins the moment you spritz. Here are our top tips for applying perfume like a pro: 1. Applying perfume to your pulse pointsPulse points are the parts of your body where the veins are close to the skin, thereby making...
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