• Benefits of Warm Winter Scents

    Benefits of Warm Winter Scents
    Winter is here and our cool summer wear has been replaced with warm coats and thick socks to fend off the biting cold.  As our clothing, food and beauty regimen adjust to the seasons, so should our perfumes. Fragrances are seasonal and some accords work better in different seasons. With the change in weather, also comes the change in our immune system, which means...
  • Combat Dry Skin this Winter

    Combat Dry Skin this Winter
    Winter throughout most of South Africa and especially the Highveld, can be torturous on your skin as the dry and cold air causes your skin to become increasingly dry, irritated, and itchy.Taking care of your skin is not only about adding an extra layer of moisturizer but changing your daily routine. Tips for healthy looking skin this Winter: Drink plenty of water: Sipping water...
  • Trends This Winter

    Trends This Winter
    Many people have one signature scent that they wear all year round, year in and year out. But we suggest changing your signature scent each season, because different ingredients work better in different seasons, for instance; fresh and tropical scents are perfect for Summer. Floral scents go well with Spring, and Autumn is about pushing the boundaries with seductive scents. While Winter is all...
  • Luxurious Lotions

    Luxurious Lotions
    Hand & Body lotions are essential during this time of the year in most of South Africa (except for the lucky guys in the Western Cape). If you struggle with dry, thirsty skin then using a lotion is the best way to repair and restore dry and damaged skin, ensuring that it looks younger and feels softer. Eden Perfumes have developed an excellent quality...
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