• The Gift of Scent this Valentine’s Day

    The Gift of Scent this Valentine’s Day
    Valentine’s is a day filled with love, romance, affection, and admiration. So, if you are reading this and looking to make someone feel extra special this year on Valentine’s Day, we have the blueprint that is bound to get your partner bragging about you to all their friends. Your olfactory sense (your sense of smell) has an extremely strong connection to your memory. Use...
  • The Perfect Gift this Christmas

    The Perfect Gift this Christmas
    Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is the perfect opportunity to bring loved ones together and create memories that will last a lifetime.  This is a time for sharing and finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be quite tricky due to our individual tastes and preferences. However, choosing a fragrance as your gift option is easier than...
  • Rose-oil in Perfumery

    Rose-oil in Perfumery
    Rose, the most iconic and romantic flower. Poets write about it, lovers buy it, and we use it as décor in our homes and plant it in our gardens for its beauty and smell. Not only is rose the foundation for romance, but it is also the cornerstone of perfumery. It is featured in almost 75% of all modern female fragrances, and at least...
  • Your Signature Spring Scent

    Your Signature Spring Scent
    Spring is a new beginning. The sky is a little brighter, days last a bit longer, birds return from their summer homes in the northern hemisphere, cherry blossoms bloom and the world is more colourful and vibrant. This means you should be ready to swop your trusted Winter coat and boots for a light sun dress and your favourite pair of wedges.  It is...
  • The Perfect Perfumes for the Office

    The Perfect Perfumes for the Office
    It’s common sense that if you look good and smell good, you feel good. Looking good at the office is rather straightforward seeing that there are policies in place that deem what is considered acceptable attire, and the fact that you need to look professional. However, how do you really know if your scent is considered “acceptable” in an office environment? We strongly believe...
  • Combat Dry Skin this Winter

    Combat Dry Skin this Winter
    Winter throughout most of South Africa and especially the Highveld, can be torturous on your skin as the dry and cold air causes your skin to become increasingly dry, irritated, and itchy.Taking care of your skin is not only about adding an extra layer of moisturizer but changing your daily routine. Tips for healthy looking skin this Winter: Drink plenty of water: Sipping water...
  • A Scent for Dad

    A Scent for Dad
    Father’s Day is upon us and giving your dad a biltong hamper, “best dad” mug or a pair of boring socks is so 2019. It’s time to spice things up! And we are not talking about “Old Spice” aftershave, but an actual scent that will turn heads and remind your momma why she chose your daddy. There are many types of dads out there,...
  • Trends This Winter

    Trends This Winter
    Many people have one signature scent that they wear all year round, year in and year out. But we suggest changing your signature scent each season, because different ingredients work better in different seasons, for instance; fresh and tropical scents are perfect for Summer. Floral scents go well with Spring, and Autumn is about pushing the boundaries with seductive scents. While Winter is all...
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