Benefits of a Beautiful Scent

The simplicity of a scent can conjure the most powerful memories. While many things throughout our daily life can evoke a sense of nostalgia, nothing has the power to make us relive the past like a scent.

Smells hit us on an emotional, neurological and physiological level. Our sense of smell is the only sense that is directly connected to our emotional control centre; an area of our brain where joy, fear, anger, anxiety and depression originates from. How you emotionally react to a fragrance or scent is based on your experiences and memories.

Seeing as the “smelling” and “feeling” parts of your brain are inextricably linked, it therefore follows that certain scents can be beneficial to your well-being. And after the lockdown we are going to need all the feel-good stimuli that we can get our hands on.

Here we’ve listed a few raw ingredients in perfumery that are known to enhance your feeling of well-being in different ways. We’ve also suggested a few perfumes that have these special ingredients as prominent notes to help you to choose your “post-lockdown-feel-good-scent”:

  • Lavender: Assists with sleeping

Lavender not only relaxes the body, but it calms the mind. Lavender can lessen insomnia and depression.

  • Citrus: Increases energy

The citrus family includes bergamot, lemon, lime, orange, mandarin and many more. Citrus is full of Vitamin C and can enhance your mood and emotional balance. Furthermore, it boosts your energy and increase your alertness and eases any anxiety and irritability.

  • Vanilla: Elevates mood

Vanilla not only holds antioxidant properties, but the scent is relaxing too. It has a calming effect on the brain and nerves, enhancing your mood and providing relief for restlessness and anxiety.

  • Jasmine: Can assist in easing depression.

Research has shown that this floral scent can reduce anxiety and aids in relieving depression.

  • Sandalwood: Calming and therapeutic

Sandalwood scent stimulates positive thinking. It is calming, relaxing and moreover helps in clearing the mind and increasing your concentration.

  • Mint: Assist in boosting concentration

Menthol scent has been proven to be linked directly to improving your cognitive stamina, your mental performance and motivation. It can also be a remedy for relieving headaches and stress.

Our recommendations of perfumes with some of the above ingredients:

Ladies Fragrances:

A scent similar to Mon Guerlian by Guerlain
This is a modern masterpiece with a twist. It is the first commercial female fragrance with lavender as a dominant note. It contains other feel good ingredients like Vanilla, citrus and Jasmin. This perfume is a top seller in Europe that the South African market has yet to discover. Be a leader and start the trend, try this spectacular perfume created by one of the top perfume houses in the world

A scent similar to Allure by Chanel
This fragrance is a rich and complex masterpiece. It opens with citrus top notes of lemon, bergamot and mandarin orange. The heart contains floral notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, magnolia and water lily. The perfume finishes with vanilla and woody nuances of sandalwood.

A scent similar to Idôle by Lancome for Woman
Elegance is a magnificent scent which merges modern ingredients and accords such as bergamot and the new “clean and glow” accord, with a significant number of classic elements such as vanilla, musk and jasmine.

Men’s Fragrances:

A scent similar to Terre d’Hermés by Hermés
This citrus, woody scent is the perfect manly fragrance with all the right ingredients to lift your mood. The structure of the perfume is powerful from beginning to end, its starts with a punch of strong citrus scents (orange and grapefruit), in the middle we have lots of wood and earth which was created with dry cedarwood and vetiver and in the dry down there are comforting resin. A strong, beautiful and long-lasting fragrance that no man (or woman can resist)

A scent similar to Wanted by Azzaro
Rebel is not a perfume for the faint-hearted. Upfront, it gives you a powerful shot of all the feel-good ingredients, fresh lemon, mint and lavender. After the initial shot, the heart and dry-down slowly emerge in their warm wood & slightly sweet brilliance.

A scent similar to Le Male by Jean Paul Gautier
An intriguing combination of contradictions make this classic oriental perfume a work of genius. The top notes of mint, bergamot, jasmine and cardamom are traditional and bold. The middle notes of caraway and cinnamon are both sensual and strong. The vanilla, sandalwood and tonka bean base notes are both gentle and deep. The contradictions in this scent are perfect for the man who has both a strong character and a gentle heart.

Even if you’ve tried out the suggested fragrances and they don’t tickle your fancy, let’s be honest, smelling great instantly makes you feel great so head on to your nearest Eden Perfumes’ store after the lockdown to find the scent that makes YOU feel good. (you can also order online , deliveries will only take place after the day lockdown has ended)

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