Your Perfume According To The Stars

The movement of the stars has long fascinated people. Astronomers, astrologists and even philosophers have been trying to make sense of the stars for centuries.

We’re not altogether sure what the stars mean but, nevertheless, we’ve found your perfume according to the stars (just in case!)

  • Aries

Depending on which side of you is lured out, as an Aries woman you’re creative, passionate and energetic or domineering and short-tempered. For the most part people are fascinated by the fiery air about you. Compliment your fiery air with the hot and spicy notes in Black Petal, inspired by Tom Ford’s
Black Orchid.

  • Taurus

You love to embrace the finer things in life; especially the beauty of nature and the sensuality of femininity. Exhibit your fine-tuned taste with Shimmer, inspired by Dior’s J’adore In Joy – your perfume according to the stars. The sophisticated yet sensual notes with floral accords will tickle your senses.

  • Gemini

Your formidable intellect is in a constant state of flux. You move fast and not many can keep up. Secretly, you stop for a second to smile at the exasperated sighs of those who try. As a Gemini woman you need a scent that evolves with you - your perfume according to the stars is Madam inspired by Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle.

  • Cancer

Still waters run deep. You feel emotions on a level most don’t fully grasp and your intuition operates on a level that is even less understood. Your perfume according to the stars has hot and cold aquatic accords to match the depth of your soul; Acqua Femme inspired by Davidoff’s Cool Water For Her.

  • Leo

You’re an enigma and you were born to stand out. Audacious, unapologetic and usually the first to conquer the dance floor, your perfume according to the stars is the unusual, bold and outstanding Scandalous, inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal. 

  • Libra

When a Libra woman enters the room people feel light, fun and carefree. Your laughter is infectious and pushes out heaviness and negativity.
Try Apple (inspired by DKNY’s Be Delicious), a light, carefree and spring/summer scent to compliment your sparkle.

  • Virgo

You’ve probably got a million things going on, and you’ve got them all neatly handled. Whether you’re a mom, a professional or a creative, other woman look at you and want to know “How does she do it?”. Your perfume according to the stars is the clean and classic Nouveau 5, inspired by Chanel’s No.5 L’eau.

  • Scorpio

Calm and collected on the surface, not many would guess at the winds of emotion under your tidy exterior. Scorpio women are intensely connected to their passions by complex layers of emotion. To the surprise of most, you’re actually very sensitive. Try the intense and sensitive Yes – Passion, inspired by Giorgio Armani’s Si Passione.

  • Sagittarius

As a Sagittarius woman you’re simply magnetic. Your honesty and authenticity attract lovers and friends alike. Your lovers tend to pine over you, although, you may not have had the time to notice that as you’re never in one place for very long! Your perfume according to the stars is the simple and confident scent, Bella, inspired by Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle.

  • Capricorn

Often described as conventional and traditional, you actually secretly revel in your weirdness. You have a flair for art, music and culture that supports your search for the most unconventional interpretations of life. Your perfume according to the stars is, much like you, conservative with a twist. 4 Her, inspired by For Her by Narciso Rodriguez (a fellow Capricorn with a flair for twists).

  • Aquarius

Living on the edge, you’re a firm believer in thinking outside the box. A deep connection to social justice means you’ve been known to show up at a protest, sign in hand. You’re unusual and interesting, like your perfume according to the stars, Cleopatra. Cleopatra is inspired by Paco Rabanne’s Olympea.

  • Pisces

You’re an old soul with wisdom beyond your years. Others seek you out for advice and you’re happy to share you’re insight. Reality is not your favourite place – philosophical questions are far more comfortable. Your perfume according to the stars is Midnight inspired by Lancôme’s La Nuit Tresor a la Folie. This dream and unusual scent compliments your thoughtful soul. 

Your perfume according to the stars

Whether you’re powerful or peaceful, spontaneous or a straight-arrow, you’ve probably taken a moment to stop and appreciate the beauty of the stars. So even if star signs are nothing but fantasy and fiction, it’s undeniable that when beauty is allowed to shine, its spectacular. With that in mind, matching your perfume to your inner-star seems like a good idea. Shine on, ladies!

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